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ddownloads-v3-0-releasedI'm overjoyed to announce DDownloads v3.0, more powerful than ever! This is again a major Update with complete UI Redesign and Database Architecture. DDownloads 3.0 beats the 2nd edition in the following points: User Interface is more advanced then in the 2nd edition but also more user-friendly (all-round overview available because of optimized...
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DDownloads 3.0 (Compressed .ZIP) Version:3.06.1336  2014-10-16 23:42:55 1.16 MB 3578 Download

DDownloads 3.0 (Portable Extract Wizard) Version:3.06.1336  2014-10-16 23:43:42 1.12 MB 274011 Download

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