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new-project-cloneapp-on-the-runCloneApp enables easy backup of all your app settings from Windows directories and Registry. A fresh re-install always makes Windows much faster but that means you lose all your program settings. CloneApp will Backup all your App settings from Windows' directories and the Registry, and only those you really need. The Idea behind CloneApp is a bit...
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DDownloads 3.0 (Portable Extract Wizard) Version:3.08.1400  
(146 votes)

Provides Direct Download links for numerous Applications. Its a kind of FREE App Store for FREE & Open Source Windows Apps.

DDownloads offers you easy access to all types of Applications, from Antivirus programs to Browsers and Video tools or Codecs & Service Packs. It tries to download Setup files with a Single Click that don't install third party application such as Toolbars or other components.

Feature Overview

  • Provides Direct Download links for Essential Applications after Re-Installing Windows.
  • We only Link to "Safe" and "Malware free" pages.
  • We only Link to Pages which provides the most current Version of the App
  • We only add the Best Apps of each Category, so you don't need to comb through the Web to find the best App for your needs. We have them all at a glance.
  • Directly Downloads Apps in all its Variants (Setup, Portable, Slim, Toolbar-free)
  • Provides next to Apps also Links to Codecs, Service Packs etc.
  • Works with Signature files which are regulary updated.  New apps are added every day.
  • We only add to our Databases Free/Open Source Apps
  • DDownloads is fully Portable
  • DDownloads is Freeware
  • DDownloads is lightweight and uses a small memory footprint
  • Supports all Windows Version (x86 bit & 64 bit)

We are still working and trying to expand the Databases. If you have suggestions dont be afraid to send us these :) by Mail or in our Forum Section -  http://www.morethanacleaner.de/forum/ddownloads or - Facebook page

Currently listed Apps ~1100 (dated 01 January 2014)

You'll find here Program Icons of DDownloads


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Size 1.12 MB
Downloads 363851
Language Multilingual
System Windows All
License Donationware/FreewareTooltip
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Created 2012-12-19 17:42:58
Changed at 2015-04-03 19:50:51
File name  ddownloads_3.08.1400.exe 




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